Justice League Dark 2017

  • Quality: HD
  • Translation: English
  • Year: 2017
  • Length: 75 min
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Top IMDB
  • IMDB: 7,2 (5 169)
  • Director: Jay Oliva
  • Actors: Matt Ryan, Camilla Luddington, Jason O'Mara
  • Justice League Dark 2017
  • Justice League Dark 2017
  • Justice League Dark 2017
  • When the routine League, the plain and ungainly, cumbersome Bats and the clique, can't subdue and/or vanquish the grand baleful miscreants, the most insidious and leery scoundrels, the "dark brigade" rolls in. These blokes and dames unite with no zeal, jubilation or euphoria - it's just a gig for 'em all. Yet, they do mortify the eerie wrongdoers.

    Occult and clandestine menace perplexes the valiant geeks, while the surreptitious "tribesmen" from the new squad can and do thwart their sinister, horrendous plans. Without these misfits, the Blue Planet would be annihilated and obliterated.

    The dazzling and slapping Zatanna, the sombre and cheerless Constantine, and Mr. Blood, AKA Etrigan, are ridin' into the brush and take the brunt. Their inimitable, unsurpassed abilities, along with intrepidity, prowess and audacity, make 'em heroes.

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    Comments 9

    1. Guest Michael
      Guest Michael 30 March 2018 00:05
      Best movie ever mate
    2. AKIVA
      AKIVA 27 March 2018 17:53
      I cant download
    3. shivam
      shivam 20 March 2018 21:00
      hi it fill good
    4. Guest Sid
      Guest Sid 27 February 2018 09:40
    5. tony stark
      tony stark 31 January 2018 18:05
      heart_eyes heart_eyes heart_eyes awesome movie
    6. Guest Brian
      Guest Brian 26 January 2018 00:52
      Awesome movie! Keep on keeping on
    7. Zariea
      Zariea 17 January 2018 13:16
      Love it as always 
    8. f
      f 26 December 2017 12:36
      Booya, perfect for time pass whilst on the graft, thank you BOB
    9. marshalove69
      marshalove69 21 October 2017 16:10
      Justice League Dark is worthy of the R-rating. It's markedly violent and truly dwells in the mystical action, but it is burdened by an overly intricate plot with multiple characters unfamiliar and piled up in a whirlwind of clashes