The Open House 2018

  • Quality: WEB-DL
  • Translation: English
  • Year: 2018
  • Length: 1h 34min
  • Country: USA
  • Genres: Horror, Thriller
  • IMDB: 3,5 (5 387)
  • Director: Matt Angel, Suzanne Coote
  • Actors: Dylan Minnette, Piercey Dalton, Patricia Bethune
The Open House 2018
The Open House 2018
The Open House 2018
The young person Logan moves along with his mother named Naomi to a little town in a pleasant place far from the boisterous cities. Everything goes as arranged, the family gets used to new conditions and place and even starts to create some relations but all of a sudden the characters start to take note of the unusual things that are happening.

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Comments 8

  1. subham nath
    subham nath 4 October 2018 20:52
    Nice movie but i should have an ending and also the killer was not revealed. anguished
  2. Guest Maria anna
    Guest Maria anna 12 March 2018 13:18
    This movie was interesting but had no ending no twist with I really wanted for I would give maximum 4 out of 10 stars I was disappointed but thank for good movies :-)
  3. Guest issac
    Guest issac 28 February 2018 11:17
    Thank u for ur site, very goog
  4. Sam
    Sam 21 February 2018 10:00
    Logan is such an asshole
  5. Guest Samih Autoum
    Guest Samih Autoum 16 February 2018 01:26
    no story, no meaning, this is certainly a waste of time to ever consider watching
  6. rao naveed
    rao naveed 2 February 2018 10:21
    es site pr dual audio movie bhe up load kry
  7. sonnyashvile
    sonnyashvile 27 January 2018 00:05
    Absolutely atrocious. One of the worst endings I've ever seen. No real plot development. You start to like the characters but then their stories all fall flat.
  8. Evan Landrum
    Evan Landrum 26 January 2018 05:45
    Honestly wasn't that bad. I didn't really like the ending but was good overall.