The Gracefield Incident 2017

The Gracefield Incident 2017
Quality: HD
Translation: English
Year: 2017
Length: 1h 29min.
Country: USA, Canada
Genres: Action, Horror, Cinema movies
IMDB: 4,2 (650)
Director: Mathieu Ratthe
Actors: Laurence Dauphinais, Juliette Gosselin, Lori Graham
  • The Gracefield Incident 2017
  • The Gracefield Incident 2017
  • The Gracefield Incident 2017
Three couples decided to relax on the weekends and rent a house in Gracefield. They started a noisy party at this place which is situated on the top of rock. At the first time they really enjoyed to have fun together but suddenly the electricity became working worse. And after that friends saw that a huge fire meteorite fell near their house. They decided to inspect it and went there. A journalist Loren Franklin joined the group. When they came there they understood that extraterrestrials arrived at the planet.

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