Jigsaw 2017

Jigsaw 2017
Quality: WEB-DL
Translation: English
Year: 2017
Length: 1h 31min.
Country: USA, Canada
Genres: Cinema movies, Horror, Thriller
IMDB: 6,3 (5 671)
Director: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig
Actors: Laura Vandervoort, Tobin Bell, Callum Keith Rennie
  • Jigsaw 2017
  • Jigsaw 2017
  • Jigsaw 2017
Ten years have passed since the death of brutal murderer and homicidal maniac. It would seem that now the city can sleep peacefully and do not think with care about their own safety. But it seems at first glance. Soon someone begins a terrible game with people's lives the same way, which used long-dead murderer...

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Comments 9

    1. confusing 7 February 2018 16:14 Reply
      There is only one thing that confuse, and that's the doctor himself from the one before this one. Why didn't he appear within this one to help, or for that matter to lend a hand.
    2. E 22 January 2018 05:47 Reply
      What a dumb movie
    3. jp 17 January 2018 18:19 Reply
      its not working
    4. shardul 12 January 2018 11:02 Reply
      Thank you so much for uploading!!
    5. John Martin 23 December 2017 09:47 Reply
      Really tho. People's heads in the movie screen like a 2005 bootleg DVD haha
    6. sina 8 December 2017 09:23 Reply
      tnx for bring us exi k.jqsxbjqw klqwjhdwqjd jklwndxkwq
    7. Ok then 17 November 2017 19:02 Reply
      great movie scream dizzy_face
    8. Guest jamespetra 13 November 2017 06:57 Reply
      Nice film. Scenario, amazing.
      Been with for this site a long time
    9. hey hey hey 29 October 2017 05:20 Reply
      how do u screen mirror on this site.