Geostorm 2017

Geostorm 2017
Quality: HD
Translation: English
Year: 2017
Length: 1h 49min.
Country: USA
Genres: Action, Thriller, Cinema movies
IMDB: 5,8 (7 663)
Director: Dean Devlin
Actors: Jeremy Ray Taylor, Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish
  • Geostorm 2017
  • Geostorm 2017
  • Geostorm 2017
People cannot play with nature. It is known that for all the bad actions of the human nature will take revenge and kill them. This process you cannot control and stop. In the future human beings can all disappear, so they decide to unite against a common problem. The space becomes a way to solve it.

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Comments 23

    1. Ibbnkok Bbjkk 23 May 2018 14:43 Reply
      This is use less
    2. thanksbob 5 April 2018 01:12 Reply
      great movie, keep them coming bob and thanks alot. ( fuck karan )
    3. KALEB 25 March 2018 17:28 Reply
      SAD MOVIE BUT HAPPY disappointed_relieved bowtie
    4. destroyer 19 March 2018 11:57 Reply
      its kinnda good and boring expressionless
    5. Ahmer Ali Qaiser 2 February 2018 10:13 Reply
      Why every time USA is pictured as hero and savoir of the world while they killed millions of innocents from last 100 years!! USA is the name of terrorism.
    6. Zariea 17 January 2018 15:08 Reply
      Nice movie. Was it what I though it would be....yes!
    7. Nocturnal One 4 January 2018 00:19 Reply
      Why is it that all new movies first start off with hieroglyphics?
      Does anyone even know what language that is?
    8. Yagesis 2 January 2018 07:21 Reply
      Love it. Great movie with a great message. Good quality and never stop or pause.
    9. Anonymous 21 December 2017 04:36 Reply
      Picture hd good but stops and starts all the time not worth watching
    10. ebvf ew 19 December 2017 03:21 Reply
      great movie but this isnt americas fault because this movie isnt real
    11. Nomad 30 November 2017 06:01 Reply
      Way better than I thought it was going to I loved it
    12. karan 29 November 2017 22:31 Reply
      give it to the americans to fuck everything up and then come rolling in to save the day. even in movies, their superiority complex is so blatantly evident, its pointless making fun of it. pointless doomsday scenario. even that damn contraption was built by the americans when they knew the only thing they bring to the world in money and nothing more. damn capitalistic jackasses.
      1. an american 6 January 2018 00:40 Reply
        your opinion of the American people is not what the comments are for. So from a proud American who probably saved you and your country from one disaster or another.. Fuck you
        1. pappajohn372 16 May 2018 23:23 Reply
          Why don't you brain dead whiners do it for us instead of the Americans and we will stand back and take advantage of your money, initiative, and talent?
      2. Monalisha 28 April 2018 18:59 Reply
        why you guys are fighting or critising on nation. When we see Earth from space we see the unity not the divisions.
    13. sukhon khan 28 November 2017 20:26 Reply
      wow! beautiful

      this movie unbelievable enjoyable
      1. Big lew 11 February 2018 17:34 Reply
        Americans are arseholes!
    14. Austin Blackwell 26 November 2017 01:08 Reply
      Man this movie was way better than i thought it would be I thought it would be good... it was great
    15. Eros 24 November 2017 22:02 Reply
    16. Jim Ballsack 17 November 2017 20:31 Reply
      This movie sucks but I L.O.V.E pussy
    17. Petra Meda 8 November 2017 02:17 Reply
      I love the movies I saw they are so great I rate them 100%. Please I need more movies. Please email me some movies

    18. Skye 7 November 2017 14:22 Reply
      this movie is legitttt :)
    19. lulu78 26 October 2017 21:14 Reply
      The picture is filled with hilarious dialogues, where every character can make a joke at any minute. Funny phrases lift the mood, turning what is happening into an easy, enjoyable activity. I highly recommend this movie!