The Meg 2018

The Meg 2018
Quality: HDCAM
Translation: English
Year: 2018
Length: 1h 53min.
Country: USA
Genres: Cinema movies, Horror, Action
IMDB: 6,2 (9 704)
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Actors: Ruby Rose, Jason Statham, Rainn Wilson
  • The Meg 2018
  • The Meg 2018
  • The Meg 2018
A professional sea diver Jonas Taylor is on an underwater expedition with his crew. He destroyed his reputation after a few years ago stepped back from his duty, suspecting that an extinct type of shark swims in the ocean. While being on duty he and his team are now in danger after suspicions about the existence of the wild shark turn out to be true.

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    1. nshan singh 12 August 2018 21:19 Reply
      hi there ive tried in the past to download withdraw any succes l hope it works  but it do not say if theres any  charge please.
    2. meteorstrike 2 August 2018 14:08 Reply
      just a one big scam dont even try.
      1. Guest Ghost 8 August 2018 11:15 Reply
        Agreed. i wish they would test the servers to see if they work...
    3. javeriah 24 July 2018 17:01 Reply
      how to download the movie
    4. nk 1 July 2018 21:18 Reply
      i need,,.. but
    5. timdim2 25 June 2018 18:45 Reply
      I love shark movies. They are always dynamic, interesting, and bloodthirsty sometimes. This film did not disappoint.
    6. Marvster 25 June 2018 16:04 Reply
      Turtletaub is a solid director, gonna check how in terms of quality he will film the underwater episodes, sounds interewting.
    7. normani 25 June 2018 13:35 Reply
      the trailer seems to give too much information away
    8. joseph 25 June 2018 12:38 Reply
      can i watch this movie for free