Interstellar 2014

Interstellar 2014
Quality: HD
Translation: English
Year: 2014
Length: 2h 49min.
Country: USA, UK, Canada, Iceland
Genres: Top IMDB, Drama, Adventure
IMDB: 8,6 (1 089 193)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Actors: Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain
  • Interstellar 2014
  • Interstellar 2014
  • Interstellar 2014
In the future humanity does not stop and always try to investigate new things. They already searched almost every place in space, but the price is higher than they expected. All Earth's natural resources are going to the end. At the same time, workers from NASA find the opportunity to move in another galactic and save people from the death.

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Comments 33

    1. Aashutosh 12 April 2018 14:50 Reply
      Nice awesome full movie in english i loved it.
    2. Guest Sharath 11 April 2018 05:41 Reply
      Only single can explain how time works and event horizon and wormholes and about blackholes..really I love science fiction movies...
    3. sambhawana 8 April 2018 16:35 Reply
      i love this movie
      1. Sumit 9 April 2018 16:10 Reply
        i am also.. great movie.
    4. Awais 6 April 2018 20:00 Reply
      Hello love the web
    5. Guest Amrik 29 March 2018 12:35 Reply
      Nyc and the best movie of my life
    6. Anano 20 March 2018 22:53 Reply
      Please talk some thing. It is louder only if any action is happening the dialog is so silent getting sleepy
    7. aliahmad2120 18 March 2018 01:22 Reply
      please upload with subtitles
    8. Atul Sharma 17 March 2018 20:18 Reply
      Thanks Bob brother.. The movie is an experience of a life time ... Power level comparable to The Inception.. Nolan nailed it so big on imagination inside a black hole ... Sequel is needed
    9. Guest WeS 16 March 2018 01:31 Reply
      after 3-6 months they will wish to kill each other )) that's proven

      and thanx Bob for this free opportunity to watch in HD
    10. Amireddy Thudeekar 3 March 2018 00:45 Reply
      When is second it’s a awesome movie waiting for second part i want to see how he will bring her back . I’m waiting for that 
      1. Juan 10 March 2018 07:25 Reply
        Amigo.......lo del black hole asta haora no es nada comparado con lo sucedido en esta pelicula....pero todo lo demas es real....89% real....espero que la 2da parte sea mas real...eso seria casi entrar en la nasa...wich is cool....
    11. Jass 1 March 2018 12:26 Reply
      Yaar koi hindi ch upload krdo movie
    12. Guest Ravi 26 February 2018 17:02 Reply
      Mind-blowing movie
      I will wait for next part.
      Thanks Bob

      I love this movie, thanks bob
    13. patel Ankur 18 February 2018 16:54 Reply
      this is mindblasting movie. and thanks bob. this movie is no words for that..that's amazing

      thats amazing.and i like that movie

      best ever movie

      thanks bob. this movve is great. and you need to make apk for pc

      back to future
    14. pascal 14 February 2018 18:30 Reply
      just nice movie

      nice movie
      ......................................... .........
    15. Mani 12 February 2018 20:04 Reply
      Thanks Bob, Thanks for the movie
    16. varun suresh attavar 11 February 2018 21:05 Reply
      back to future
    17. sathish 10 February 2018 11:25 Reply
      Education movies
    18. zez 3 February 2018 06:59 Reply
      This film just blew my mind holy s**t - 10/10
    19. Vijay 1 February 2018 09:10 Reply
      i love movies

      I love to watch good movies
    20. Mian 27 January 2018 19:31 Reply
    21. jaZZie 14 January 2018 19:50 Reply
      Loved it! Ty
    22. rakesh 8 January 2018 18:47 Reply
      no comments
    23. beshoy 30 December 2017 10:24 Reply
      thank you so much
    24. Tyler 13 December 2017 18:36 Reply
      tracy ur mean
    25. tracy 8 December 2017 06:32 Reply
      macconahey- hey ruins this movie with 75% of his dialogue delilvered by him whispering like a little bitch . i hope his acting career gets ruined by boring space fans to death , a they will be the first with pitchforks and torches to finish him off but good !!!!!
    26. saima 24 October 2017 09:47 Reply
      nice website to watch movies
    27. lisa_eld 15 September 2017 20:40 Reply
      Another strong movie dedicated to space I watched. There are many moments you sympathize with the main characters and their problems. Somewhere start crying, because understand how hard the situation is and do not know how you would act being on this person’s place…Cast were wonderful, deserved their awards!